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So You’re Interested In Ride on Trenchers

A ride on trencher is a piece of heavy machinery used to move the earth. If your next project requires a lot of earth movement, a ride on trencher is your best bet for the job. Ride on Trenchers are usually composed of a metal chain with teeth equipped to rip up the ground, tree roots and other types of dense under earth.

Practical Uses for Ride on Trenchers

There are a million different uses for ride on trenchers. Of course, the main use of a ride on trenchers is to do what the name implies – create a smooth trench after use. However, not all trenches start off the same way. Below we’ve listed a few different ways ride on trenchers are used in projects:

  1. Making Drainage Trenches – irrigation is one of the most common uses for ride on trenchers. You can use a ride on trenchers for sewage run off or general water management. You’ll be able to control how wide and how deep you need the trench to be while completing your project in a timely manner.
  2. Removing Tree Roots – Ride on Trenchers are a great option when tackling tree roots. Roosts by nature are deep and thick, making for difficult removal. Ride on Trenchers come in handy by slicing through tree roots fast and easy.
  3. Digging and Shoveling – Smaller ride on ride on trenchers are capable of creating ride on trenchers around 3 to 4 feet deep. If your next DIY home project calls for more digging and shoveling than a couple of shovels can handle, renting a ride on trenchers is the best option for you.

Before You Start

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when using any kind of heavy machinery is not taking the proper safety precautions. Safety should always be your number one priority when starting a new project. Here are some tips to keep you safe before you start using the ride on trenchers:

  1. Make Sure You Are Digging Where It’s Safe – You can and should always call before you start doing any sort of digging. Ride on Trenchers are capable of digging deep into the ground, so you need to be careful while you dig.
  2. Wear Proper Safety Gear – Keeping yourself and your team safe should be your number one priority. Make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment before you start your project. Hard hats, safety goggles and ear protection are a great place to start.
  3. Inspect the Site – After you’ve made sure the area you’re going to be trenching is in fact safe, you’ll want to complete a safety walk of the area. Be sure to get multiple sets of eyes for this safety step. Make sure there is not debris or harmful material laying around on the ground.

Ride on Trenchers For Your Next Project

Ride on Trenchers are great for land development. With multiple uses, this multifaceted piece of equipment is sure to help make your next project easy. Ready to begin? Stop by or call AOS Rentals at 361-572-0900 to schedule your next ride on trencher rental!

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