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how much does it cost to rent a skid steer

Skid Steer Rentals: Breaking Down the Costs

Renting a skid steer can be a cost-effective solution for contractors or DIY enthusiasts looking to complete a range of tasks. But the question that often comes up is “how much does it cost to rent a skid steer?” In this article, we’ll delve into the factors that influence rental prices and provide some guidance on how you can get the best deal on your next rental.

A Quick Introduction

A skid steer, also known as a skid loader, is a versatile piece of construction equipment. These compact machines are renowned for their maneuverability and ability to handle a variety of tasks, from digging and lifting to grading and demolition. Skid loaders can be fitted with different attachments, allowing them to take on diverse projects with ease.

Factors Influencing Rental Prices

The cost of renting heavy equipment isn’t a flat rate across the board. Several factors come into play, which can significantly impact the final rental price. Here’s a look at some of these key factors:

Location: The exact location can greatly influence the cost of renting a skid steer. Prices may fluctuate depending on the market conditions in a particular area and the distance between the rental company and your job site.

Rental Duration: How long you need the skid steer for is another crucial factor. As with most rental equipment, the longer you rent the machine, the lower the daily rate tends to be.

Two hands holding up a clock

Size and Type: The type of skid steer depends on the amount of money one is willing to spend. Larger models with more horsepower are typically more expensive to rent than their smaller counterparts. Moreover, tracked skid steers (also known as compact track loaders) can cost more than wheeled models due to their superior performance on uneven terrain.

Brand: The brand of the machine can also affect the rental cost. Some brands may carry a higher price tag due to their reputation for quality and reliability.

Price Tag

Market Conditions: Finally, market conditions can cause skid steer rental prices to fluctuate. The rental market health, seasonal demand, and even global events (like a pandemic) can impact rental rates.

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Average Skid Steer Rental Cost

To give you a rough idea of what to expect, here’s an average cost breakdown for skid steer rentals:

Graph Of The Types Of Skid Steers And How Much They Cost At Different Rates

Remember, these are just averages. The actual cost can vary depending on the factors mentioned earlier. Therefore, it’s always advisable to get a quote from the rental company for a more accurate estimate.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Skid Steer Rental

Now that you understand the factors influencing prices, how can you ensure you’re getting the best deal? Here are some tips:

Plan in Advance

Knowing the duration of your project and the type of equipment you need ahead of time can help you secure a better rental rate.

Compare Quotes

Don’t settle for the first quote you get. Compare quotes from different rental companies to ensure you’re getting the best price.

Consider Off-Peak Seasons

If possible, consider renting during off-peak seasons when demand is lower. You might be able to secure a better rate during these times.

Renting vs. Buying Equipment

When contemplating whether to buy or rent equipment, consider factors like beginning costs, maintenance and repair costs, storage needs, and how often you’ll be using the heavy equipment. Renting can often be a more cost-effective choice if you only need the equipment for a short period or infrequently.

Cartoon man choosing between renting and buying


So, how much does it cost to rent a skid steer? As we’ve seen, it depends on several factors. However, with a little planning and comparison shopping, you can find a rental that fits your budget and project needs.

For more information on rental prices near you, contact AOS Rental. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you find the right equipment at competitive rates, ensuring your project is a success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost for a skid steer?

The average rental cost for a skid steer spans from $200 to $700 per day, influenced by factors like model size and rental duration.

Is it better to buy or lease a skid steer?

Buying a skid steer is more cost-effective for long-term, frequent use, providing ownership equity without usage limitations. Leasing offers benefits for short-term needs with lower upfront costs and the flexibility to upgrade.

What are the average fuel costs for wheeled skid steers?

The average fuel cost for skid steers depends on the size of the machine and the intensity of the work being performed. Typically, a skid steer consumes between 1 to 2 gallons of diesel fuel per hour of operation. The actual cost will vary based on local fuel prices and how efficiently the skid steer is used during operation.

What is a good price for a skid steer?

A good price for a rental depends on the rental period, model, and current market demand, with comparison shopping essential for finding competitive rates.

How much can you make with a skid steer?

Earnings potential with a skid steer varies by the services offered, ranging from construction and landscaping to snow removal, and is influenced by geographic location and business model. Conducting the same tasks with this equipment can also lead to more efficiency and revenue.

Three wheeled skid steer loaders in a yard
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