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Oilfield Pump Equipment Rentals

We carry all major models and only equipment manufactured in the last five years to ensure quality performance

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Rental Pumps

AOS offers a wide variety of rental pumps to the Oil & Gas industry.

Mud Vacuum

Vacuum anything up from water, sand & dirt, OBM, and even cement. Available from 30-50 HP capable to vacuum up 55 gallons in 6 seconds and a tank capacity of 1200 gallons. Includes an auto-shutdown to prevent pump damage and tank overflows.

Floating Evaporator System

AOS’ floating evaporator system skims the top of the water on site. Deploy this system anywhere a retention pond needs to be de-watered. Great for industrial and oilfield locations, or any other areas needing to remove water at a cost effective option.

orange Self-Priming Pump

Self-Priming Pump

We offer self-priming pumps, also known as transfer pumps or trash pumps. Our size options include 1 inch, 2 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch. Our 4 inch option can pump 750 gallons per minute and our 6 inch option can pump 1600 gallons per minute. Both have a 100 gallon diesel fuel tank and are GPS monitored for security.

Floating Skimmer Pump

Ensure the cleanest of water with our 4in, 10HP floating skimmer pumps. With a 100ft remote start/stop switch, the ability to equip two pumps for maximum efficiency, and explosion-proof motor and controls, our floating skimmer pumps are exactly what your frac pond, reserve pit, or agricultural pond needs!

Drive-Over Manifold

Our drive-over manifold option is 20ft long, allowing two cars to pass over it at once. It’s strong and durable and eliminates the need to bury your lines underground. Easy to deploy and install in a matter of minutes.