Our industrial strength all-purpose vacuum is a great fit for big messy jobs. It vacuums up drilling mud, oil, water and sludge with the high capacity and safety features to get the job done right. The rig vac can vacuum 55 gallons in 6 seconds and discharge 1,000 gallons in 15 seconds.


 Diesel Rig Vacdiesel-vac

Electric Rig Vac

Rig Vac specs:

  • Remote start and stop
  • External gauge for measuring mud level inside the tank
  • Vacuum and pressure gauges
  • 1,000 gallon capacity
  • Large intake manifold for 3’’ and 4’’ incoming lines
  • Large 4’’ discharge line for easy emptying
  • Tank fill level indicator with “FULL” lights and alarms
  • Auto shut off design prevents tank overfill
  • Low oil safety shutoff feature to prevent motor damage
  • EMERGENCY STOP feature
  • Safety release valves for both vacuum and pressure sides
  • Positive pressure discharge for quickly emptying the tank
  • POWER REQUIREMENT is 480 Volt, 3 phase, 100 Amp